“In an interview with the Turkish Anadolu Agency, President Ilham Aliyev commented on the unfolding processes in Karabakh and the region and warned Armenia again,” MP Jeyhun Mammadov said, Report informs.

He noted that the president touched upon events before and after the war.

“The war is over. Armenia must reconcile with the reality that has been created by Azerbaijan in the region and try to normalize relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, Armenia has not yet fleshed its position out. It does not know what it wants. The international organizations are also responsible for Armenia’s such behavior. If Armenia had been pressured in time, Armenia would not have committed so many crimes, and peace and cooperation would have come to the region.”

The parliamentarian stressed that the president stressed that Azerbaijan has full control over the ongoing processes in the region. He stressed that the Azerbaijani-Armenian border and the Lachin corridor are under round-the-clock control.

“President Ilham Aliyev also spoke in detail about the Turkish-Azerbaijani relations in the interview. Today, there are many peoples in the world with the same language, religion and history. But none of them are as close as Turkey and Azerbaijan. The leaders of the two countries have an important role in empowering these relations. The president also touched upon the importance of the Shusha Declaration. The president noted that the signing of the Shusha Declaration raised relations between the two countries to a higher level.”

Ceyhun Mammadov stressed that Turkish-Azerbaijani relations have entered a new level: “There is no other country in the world as close as Turkey and Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani-Turkish friendship and brotherhood are eternal and irreversible. Turkey’s joy is Azerbaijan’s joy and Turkey’s sorrow is Azerbaijan’s sorrow.”