“Great Britain supports reforms in the fields of defense and security in Azerbaijan for many years”, Ambassador of Great Britain to Azerbaijan James Sharp told APA.

Mr Ambassador noted that the UK government has been supporting for many years development and reforms of defence and security sector here in Azerbaijan through for example English language training courses for armed forces here, courses taking place in the UK, too.

“What I am really pleased about is this course is taking place here, in Azerbaijan itself and also with the participation of several people from Georgia. I think the last event happened in 2012 so the first time in many years it is taking place here again after several years. I think this course looking for managing in defence is very important. In the UK we have seen a defence as part of a wider security context. At the moment we are undertaking probably we call integrated defence, security and foreign policy review because we see all fit in together and for us, of course, UK which is a member of NATO, permanent member of UN Security Council so we have global interest so it makes sense for us to look at this context and even for Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is located in a very complicated area, Russia to the north of course taking military action against Georgia and Ukraine, İran to the south which is unpredictable and of course your biggest defence issue is Armenia and the question of Nagorno Garabagh. But as well as geographical issues wee see an increase of transnational transborder emerging threats, look at drug trafficking, cyber warfare illegal immigration and terrorism.”