Author: Seymur Kazimov

Before the final commissioning, a test flight of the largest passenger aircraft of “Azerbaijan Airlines” – Airbus A340-500 landed at the first airport of Fuzuli district, Karabakh.

This aircraft is named  ‘KARABAKH’.

To the question of reporter,  “if this airport could be used for military purposes in the future’, Eldar Hajiyev, Vice President of Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) replied that, ” this is a civilian airport, not a military one. But each airport can be used for any purpose.’

Speaking at groundbreaking ceremony of the Lachin International Airport, President Ilham Aliyev said:

‘The construction and commissioning of Zangilan, Lachin and Fuzuli airports will revive the region. Of course, these airports will be able to receive cargo, passengers and military consignments. We must always be ready, constantly increase our military strength, create the military infrastructure, including airports that will serve our military purposes, and we are doing that.’

In addition, one of the largest cargo aircrafts – Boeing 747-400 owned by Silk Way Airlines, has also landed at the Fuzuli airport today. For the first time, shipments have been delivered to Karabakh by air on this aircraft.

According to AZAL press service, ‘the construction of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower equipped with automated ATC systems is completed. This will enable to launch flights to the Fuzuli airport in accordance with ICAO and IATA standards. To ensure full control of the air navigation system and flights over the liberated territories, new international air routes are being introduced’.

International airports in Lachin and Zangilan regions also continue to be built.