About Us

About Press Klub

We have worked 10 years on this project: we held meetings with our colleagues and community members abroad, put the idea up for discussion many times, tested it, changed what failed the tests, created a database, periodically renewed it; for life of a journalist is very dynamic and always full of novelties.

A Platform for Azerbaijani Journalists

“Baku Press Klub” international network is the result of our efforts and research. Our main purpose is to create a platform for Azerbaijanis working in the media industry abroad and foreign journalists with professional interests in Azerbaijan to gather. Of course, website of the virtual club cannot offer face-to-face conversation over a cup of tea. However, it creates every opportunity for its users to make contact over long distances, expand their social circles and knowledge, exchange thoughts and experiences with colleagues. Here everyone will find the help they need: one of the main functions of this club is to provide professional help to media workers.

How to Join the Press Klub

Our Press Klub’s doors are open to every media worker that “knocks on it”. Upon entering you will not be asked for your age, gender, nationality; as unimportant as your wieght and height is, your political views will not raise questions in anyone. There are only two requirements : being a member of media and having an interest in Azerbaijan. In order to satisfy said interests to the fullest of our abilities aside from including a Forum section in our website for large scale communication, we have also tought of various rubrics:

Press Klub Initiatives


You will be informed of news in Azerbaijan that will more or less concern you.


Regardless of how far away from Baku you may be, you will be able to take park in the events (press conferences, meetings etc.) held by the Club.


You will have access to information regarding workplace, contacts, country of residence of your fellow countryman that have the same career with you.

Media Library

You will able to receive references, familiarize yourself with new materials and changes that are within your scope of interest including legislations, regulations, statistics, latest media investigations, analytic reviews concerning mass media. The website will also be your guide on Azerbaijan. A calendar for yearly planned political, economic, sport etc. events and information about said events will be available to you.


The website will offer direct services. If an operative answer from government agencies is needed, the website will be your representative. If a permission for interview or a meeting is needed before hand, the website will be your mediator. When you are experiencing difficulties on obtaining an address, making contact, preparing materials, being accredited etc. the website will be your consultant, helper, organizer. You may contact us about any issues regarding your profession.

By registering on the website you will become a member of the club and be able to use its services. If you do not register, you will still be able access all information on our website as it is public.