Annual Calendar


1–2 January New YearThe Gregorian calendar is used to calculate years in the Azerbaijan Republic, and January 1 and 2 are known to be days off.
March 8, 2019International Women’s DayInternational Women’s Day was adopted at the second international conference of socialist women held in Copenhagen in 1910. Azerbaijan celebrated that day as the Women’s Day first in 1917. 8 March was announced as a non-working day in Azerbaijan SSR in 1965. After declaring independence, Azerbaijan kept celebrating 8 March as the Women’s Day.
20-21 MarchNovruz HolidayNovruz holiday is celebrates the coming of Spring and new year. First day of Spring marks the ending of Sun’s annual rotation. With the change to Code of Labour in 08.12.2006 first 5 days are non-working days.
May 9, 2019Day of Victory over FascismOn this day of 1945 USSR announced the surrendering of Nazi Germany over the radio, thus the war ended.
May 28, 2019Republic DayOn May 28 of 1918 Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was established and lasted 23 months. Since 1990 Republic Day has become a state holiday.
June 15, 2019National Day of LiberationIn July 15, 1993 Heydar Aliyev returned to power and was chosen head of the parliament. In 1997 the National Assembly marked that day as a holiday.
June 26, 2019Armed Forces Day of the Republic of AzerbaijanWith the decision of Government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in June 26, 1918 first military corps was created. With the Presidential Decree dated 22.05.1998 that day was announced as the Armed Forces Day.
October 18, 2019State Independence DayA Constitutional act on “State Independence of Azerbaijan Republic” was approved at a parliamentary session held in October 18, 1991. That day is celebrated as “The Independence Day” every year.
November 9, 2019National Flag DayNational flag of Azerbaijan was first approved in November 9, 1918. It was the symbol of nation till 1920. With the Presidential Decree dated 17.11.2009 that day was announced as the National Flag Day and is celebrated every year.
November 12, 2019Constitution DayConstitution of Azerbaijan Republic was accepted at the referendum held in November 12, 1995. From that day on 12 November is celebrated as the Constitution Day of Azerbaijan Republic. It is considered working day after certain changes to the Code of Labour in December 12, 2006.
November 17, 2019National Revival DayAs protest against Armenian’s and Kreml’s doings large scale meeting of people of Baku occurred at the Freedom Square in November 17, 1988. In 1992 that day was declared as the National Revival Day. Due to changes made to Code of Labour in 08.12.2006 it is considered as a working day.
December 31, 2019World Azerbaijani’s Solidarity DayAs per the decision of Azerbaijani Republic parliament in 25.12.1991, that day - December 31 was declared World Azerbaijani’s Solidarity Day.


Changes by lunar calendarRamadan HolidaySince 1993 this holiday has been celebrated on state level for 2 days.
Changes by lunar calendarMuslim Festival of SacrificeThe Feast of Sacrifice is part of the Hajj pilgrimage ceremony of Muslims. It is celebrated on the 10th day of the 12th month (Zilhija) of the Muslim calendar (Hijri-gamari): they sacrifice animals during the pilgrimage to Mecca. The holiday lasts for 2 days.


January 20, 2019National Day of Mourningİn memory of those killed as a result of the Soviet army deployments against the masses of people on the streets and squares of Baku, protesting the policy of the USSR leadership on January 20, 1990.
February 26, 2019Khojaly Genocide DayOn February 26, 1992, in memory of the victims of the Khojaly tragedy committed by the Armenian armed forces and the 366th armored regiment of the former USSR against the Azerbaijani people.
March 31, 2019Azerbaijanis’ Genocide DayIn March-April 1918, the Armenian armed forces killed over 30,000 Azerbaijanis in Baku, Shamakhi, Guba, Mughan and Lankaran. The Presidential Decree dating March 26, 1998 marks March 31 as the "Azerbaijanis’ Genocide Day”.


February 2, 2019Youth DayEstablished on 01.02.1997 by the Presidential Order.
March 5, 2019Physical Education and Sports DayEstablished on 04.03.2005 by by the Presidential Order.
March 10, 2019National Theatre DayOn March 10, 1873 the amateur theater club of the “Baku Realni School” performed the comedy "Adventure of Vezir of the Khan of Lankaran" by M.F.Akhundov for the first time. This date was announced as a holiday on the Presidential Decree dated 01.03.2013.
March 27, 2019Science DayEstablished on 09.04.2018 by by the Presidential Order.
June 18, 2019National Human Rights DayEstablished on 17.06.2007 by by the Presidential Order.
July 22, 2019National Journalists’ and Press DayThe first issue of the newspaper "Ekinchi" in Azerbaijani was published in Baku on July 22, 1875. That day was established as holiday on 05.07.1991 by by the Presidential Order.
August 1, 2019Azerbaijani Language and Alphabet DayTransition to a new alphabet was completed in Azerbaijan in August of 2001. On 09.08.2001 that day was established as a holiday by the Presidential Order.
August 2, 2019Azerbaijani Film DayOn August 2, 1898, Baku hosted the first open film screening. The Presidential Decree dated 18.12.2000 proclaimed the same day as a holiday.
September 15, 2019Knowledge DayBy the Presidential Decree dating 21.08.2005 classes in schools, other educational institutes started in September 15’th and that day was established as a holiday.
September 18, 2019National Music Day18 September was the birthday of a leading musical figure in Azerbaijan, Uzeir Hadjibayov. The Presidential Decree dated 18.09.1995 proclaimed the same day as a holiday.
November 6, 2019Azerbaijani TV and Radio DayThe first radio system in Baku was installed in 1924, and in year 1926 the first radio station was launched. The first radio program was broadcasted on November 6 of that year.


11-13 January Baku Coffee and Tea FestivalPurpose of the festival: Development of tea and coffee industry, business development, exchange of experiences. The festival is organized by the international union (Specialty Coffee Association). Exhibitions of companies, products, equipment and accessories, seminars and master classes, entertainment events are held here.
February 2, 2019GabalaxyFor those who love music and travel, this festival night is held in Gabala under the open sky.
25-28 JulyJara – 2019Around 10,000 people watch popular entertainers perform at the International Music Festival at the beach.
August 26, 2019IV International Jam FestivalThe festival is organized in Gabala. Sweets experts and companies from tens of countries (more than 30 this year) gather at the festival.
October 7, 2019Apple HolidayThis festival is held in Guba for the sixth time. Ethnic compositions, national dances, different apple varieties, sweets and drinks prepared from this fruit are exhibited at the festival.
18-27 OctoberBaku Jazz FestivalThe Baku International Jazz Festival is a musical feast, which includes workshops and master classes, jazz day for children, competitions, exhibitions, concerts of world jazz stars in the city's largest halls, restaurants and other events.
3-4 NovemberXIII Pomegranate FestivalThe festival is held since 2005. Here you can find interesting national music, mugham and folklore samples, as well as local strains of pomegranates, various competitions and games.
4-5 NovemberPersimmon Festival At this festival in Balakan, performances of folklore collectives of a national minorities, exhibitions of cultural samples are organized, culinary products and compositions made from persimmon and exhibitions of agricultural products are demonstrated.
Mid DecemberV International Wine FestivalThe festival is held in Ganja, where representatives of the leading countries in the world of wine industry are taking part in the event along with enterprises and individual entrepreneurs from the regions of Azerbaijan.


DateSport EventNotes
08-09 FebruaryButa Golden CupEquestrian tournament (Baku)
15-16 FebruaryMemorial dedicated to the memory of A.AntipovAthletics, jump (Baku)
16-17 FebruaryWorld CupBatut gymnastics and tumbling
23-24 FebruaryHazi Aslanov's traditional tournamentJudo, for teenagers (Baku)
February 24Storm Capoeira CupCapoeira (Baku)
March 10“Baku Open” tournamentCapoeira (Baku)
14-17 MarchWorld CupWomen's artistic gymnastics (Baku)
16-17 March“BAKU Open” tournamentNational karate (Baku)
March"Great Silk Road" tournamentBoxing (Baku)
March International tournamentFoot tennis (Baku)
April 6Festival on the International Table Tennis DayTable Tennis (Baku)
24-25 AprilTournament among professionals (K-1) Azerbaijan-Chechnya against the worldKickboxing (Baku)
26-28 AprilWorld CupRhythmic gymnastics (Baku)
26-28 AprilFormula 1 Azerbaijan Grand PrixCar sports (Bauı)
Aprel“AGF Trophy” tournamentRhythmic gymnastics (Baku)
April 29The European Tennis Tournament, dedicated to the memory of Heydar AliyevTennis, for ages 14-16 (Baku)
May 12
April-MayBaku “Reqby 7” FestivalRugby (Baku)
01-04 MayA tournament dedicated to Heydar Aliyev's memoryTable tennis, for teenagers (Baku)
02-05 MayAWPC tournamentPowerlifting (Baku)
03-05 MayWorld CupJiu taido, for teenagers, youths, men, women (Baku)
06-08 MayTraditional tournament dedicated to Heydar Aliyev's memoryUniversal fight, for men and women (Baku)
10-12 May“Grand Slam” tournamentJudo (Baku)
11-12 MayV Universiade dedicated to Heydar Aliyev's memoryKyokushinkai karate and jiu taido, for students (Baku)
13-14 MayInternational tournamentBeach volleyball (Azerbaijan)
14-17 MayWorld CupMen's artistic gymnastics (Baku)
15-19 MayEuropean ChampionshipAerobics gymnastics (Baku)
16-19 MayEuropean ChampionshipRhythmic gymnastics (Baku)
17-18 MayHeydar Aliyev CupEquestrian tournament; boxing, for juniors (Baku)
17-19 MayCup RaceOn the determination of the location (Baku-Quba-Khachmaz)
20-30 May"Caspian Power Show" tournamentStrongmen (Baku)
May 29Europa League (final stage)Football (Baku)
MaySilk Way tournament (Azerbaijan-China)MMA (mixed Marchial arts) (Baku)
MayWorld Cup (1st stage)Mass-wrestling (Baku)
06-09 June“Azerbaijan İnternational 2019” tournamentBadminton (Baku)
17-19 JuneEEVZA ChampionshipBeach volleyball (Azerbaijan)
28-29 JuneMemorial dedicated to A.Safarov's memoryAthletics (Baku)
June-July Baku Open tournamentBackgammon (Baku)
09-10 JulyTournament dedicated to the memory of National Hero of Azerbaijan Mubariz IbrahimovJuboxing Jutsu (Bilasuvar)
20-28 JulyXV European Youth Summer Olympic FestivalMen's and women's gymnastics, athletics, basketball, cycling, handball, swimming, judo, tennis, volleyball, wrestling (Baku)
JulyBaku Open tournamentFootvolley (Baku)
July-AugustThe Golden Dragon tournamentWushu (Baku)
24 July - 1 AugustThe children's tournament dedicated to the memory of V.HashimovChess (Baku)
July-AugustEEVZA open championshipBeach volleyball (Azerbaijan)
15-18 AugustTuran GamesAlpagut (Gabala)
AugustInternational tournamentTable tennis, for teenagers (Baku)
August"Baku Open 2019" tournamentShindo ryu and Penjak silat (Baku)
06-07 SeptemberElite H&P Club CupEquestrian tournament (Baku)
16-22 SeptemberWorld championshipRhythmic gymnastics (Baku)
16-22 SeptemberAutumn Cup (1st tournament)Tennis, 18 years old (Baku)
20-30 September"BAKU-OPEN" Chess FestivalChess (Novkhani)
21-23 SeptemberGrand Prix Azerbaijan International TournamentSporting (Baku)
23-29 SeptemberAutumn Cup (2nd tournament)Tennis, 18 years old (Baku)
24-29 September"Baku Masters" tournamentBeach volleyball (Azerbaijan)
25-27 September Makkabi festivalTypes of eastern combat (Baku)
September"GymBala" tournamentRhythmic gymnastics (Baku)
September“Azerbaijan Open” ChampionshipKickboxing (Baku)
SeptemberThe Caspian CupMotocross (Baku)
September-NovemberWorld CupZorkhana and wrestlers (Baku)
17-21 OctoberA tournament dedicated to the Day of Azerbaijan's Independence RestorationTaekwando (Baku)
22-27 OctoberWorld championshipFutsal (Baku)
OctoberInternational seminarAikido (Baku)
OctoberFighting world festivalsMuay Thai (Baku)
OctoberEurasian championshipWushu (Baku)
11-13 NovemberII Tournament among professionals (K-1, Lokik)Kickboxing, for women (Baku)
22-24 NovemberII World ChampionshipAlpagut (Baku)
07-08 DecemberWorld CupJuboxing Jutsu (Baku)
09-22 DecemberPresident Cup on Chovagan National ExtremeEquestrian tournament (Baku)
13-15 DecemberInternational FestivalVing Chun's Martial arts (Baku)
24-27 December41-th World Championship QualifiersGo (Baku)
DecemberAbbas Agalarov's Cup 2019Boxing (Baku)


14-15 FebruarySocial-Economic Problems of Sustainable Development (conference)
20-22 FebruaryCaspian Realty (Exhibition)Companies from different countries are participating in the Real Estate and Investment Fair.
04-06 AprilAITF 2019 (18th Travel Fair)It is organized with the participation of numerous companies representing the tourism industry.
April 61st Congress of Special Needs
15-17 AprilHOREX Caucasus 2019 (exhibition)The 13th international exhibition is dedicated to hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.
16-18 April36th İnternational Drug Enforcement Conference
25-27 AprilV European Economic CongressAt the conference organized by the universities of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Poland, issues of integration into the global economic environment are discussed.
29-30 AprilYoung researchers conference
02 -03 MayV World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue
02-03 MayActual Problems of Modern Natural and Economic Sciences (conference)
07-08 MayX Conference on Actual Problems of Azerbaijani Studies
15-17 May13th İnternational Agriculture
23-24 MayThe Second Forum of Experts on Caucasus
29 May-June 1XXVI Caspian Oil and Gas ExhibitionEach year, the exhibition brings together leading experts in the oil and gas sector, global energy companies.
19-21 JuneConference dedicated to Nadir Shah Afshar
19-23 JuneActual problems of Azerbaijani and Turkish history in the period of globalization
12-14 September2nd İnternational Gifts and Promo Products
12-14 September2nd İnternational Advertising and Printing
10-12 October13th Education
10-12 October13th Career
17-18 OctoberTheatre traditions of Turkic people and problems of modification in modern theatre world (conference)The conference is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of prominent director Vagif Ibrahimoglu.
22-25 OctoberBakuBuild 2019 (exhibition)Companies from Europe and Asia gather at this traditional International Fair.
23-25 OctoberModern problems of mathematics and mechanics (conference)
06-07 November1st Medical Innovations Exhibition and
06-07 November1st Beauty Industry
13-15 November10th Anniversary Environmental
November 21Nasimi phenomenon in Islamic philosophy (conference)
NovemberGender equality and modern Azerbaijan (conference)The conference covers gender equality issues.
03-06 December25th Anniversary Telecommunications, Innovation and High Technology Exhibition and
December 42nd Debate